1. Feelin Fine

Somehow it feels like I’ve been gone on a million miles of road 
Dark places I didn’t wanna know 
Like I’ve been holding back, scared to take a chance 
Waitin on my shadows to clear, shatterin all my fears 

Why did I get so in my head, I’d rather let it all out instead 

Torn to pieces, stands to reason 
I stopped believin and I lost so much precious time 
The weight is lifted, no longer driftin 
Maybe the road’s supposed to wind but finally I’m feelin fine 
Oh, feelin fine 

Somehow I knew that I’d come back to it, when something’s got such a hold 
It just won’t let you go 
It’s just who I am, I could explain it  
Like a fire burnin deep, you’ve gotta let it breathe 




Maybe the road’s supposed to wind, but finally I’m feelin fine

2. Kiss me goodnight

This was not what I expected, love is harder than I thought 
And if you’re playin the game to win, then you’ve already lost 
Well you’re standin firm on your ground, and I don’t wanna budge from mine 
Maybe we should think about the toll it’s taking on you and I 

Used to drive round all night now we drive each other crazy 
Do we even know what we’re fighting bout lately 
You know you’re not always wrong, I know I’m not always right 
Let’s try to see the other side before we hit the light 
Always kiss me goodnight, baby always kiss me goodnight 

Well I don’t know just how we got here, but we sure somehow lost our way 
And if you’re willin to let go, I’m willin to admit to a few mistakes 


Let’s remember all the love we used to know and get back to feelin like we’re home 



Always kiss me goodnight

3. leaver

You’ve got a lot of nerve walkin in tonight and tellin me you miss me
Cause the truth is you’ve never really known what it is you want
Through a lot of tears I was here helping you wrestle with your demons
So don’t tell me you’re different cause we both know that’s something you’re not 

You’re halfway across the world like you’ve been from the start 
I was always askin myself, boy, where is your heart 
Hope when you find what you’re really missin you’ll have learned how to treat her 
So take it, oh, take it from your lover turned leaver 

Well the more I tried to understand where you’re coming from the more I felt foolish 
and pride ain’t the only way I tried to make it work 
I gave up on me to give you what you need and baby lookin back now that hurts 
Cause you never saw my value, but I know what I’m worth 



Hope when you find what you’re really missin you’ll have learned how to keep her 
So take it, wo, take it from your lover turned leaver

4. heart won't lie

Sittin fightin with myself tryin to find the answers 
To the questions I’ve been askin far too long 
I overcomplicate it and get myself frustrated 
Cause I don’t wanna end up bein wrong 

Sometimes I find it hard to breathe 
Cause I’m feelin like there’s still a missing piece 

So I just lie to myself and lie next to you, refusing to see what I know is the truth 
I already know what I’ve gotta do but that don’t make it easy 
So I keep tellin myself that it’s all ok, somehow, some way, things are gonna change 
My head keeps tryin to convince me and make me believe 
but my heart won’t lie to me, no my heart won’t lie to me 

Maybe in good time we’ll get back to you and I 
But we don’t even know what track we’re on 
I don’t understand it, this isn’t how I planned it 
But I don’t wanna think about you gone 

Sometimes I find it hard to know 
When part of me says yes, the other is saying go 




My heart won’t lie

5. shot of home