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Original holiday song "Christmas Child" released Nov 18, 2021 

I was inspired to write a holiday song for my daughter, Cadence, as we look forward to seeing the holidays through her eyes for the first time this year! I hope you enjoy it and have a happy and safe holiday season! 

Thanks again to Ollie LeBlanc for his help on this project! 


"White Christmas" cover by Mandy Silk released on Nov 12, 2020 

"White Christmas" is one of my favourite classic Christmas tunes and I am so happy to share my rendition with you.  I love the nostalgic tones combined with a reminder of the importance of Christmas magic, along with the message of well wishes.  Have a safe and wonderful holiday season everyone!

Special thanks to Olivier LeBlanc for his production assistance!


"Feelin Fine" goes #1 on Canadian Indie Country Countdown! 

On Sept 12, 2020, "Feelin Fine" was voted #1 on the Canadian Indie Country Countdown!  I couldn't be more proud of this song, and the whole team of musicians who appear on it.  Thank you SO much to everyone who voted, and continue to support my music!


"To impact someone with your music is an incredible feeling." ~ Mandy